Where Is My G-Spot?

You’ve heard all the stories, the wild tall tales about the best  orgasms a woman has ever had, and you’re ready to experience them yourself.  Where is g-spot pleasure located on your sexual to-do list?  It should be number one, because it’s time you learn how to find your g-spot, and what amazing things it can do for you!

Do I Have a G-Spot?

The first question many men, women, and couples have when trying to locate the female g-spot is, does it actually exist?  YES!  As with all the other mysterious lady bits, the g-spot can vary in position and size from woman to woman.  You’re wondering, where is my g-spot?  Well, there are unfortunately some ladies who have unreachable g-spots, and some who simply do not find as much satisfaction in the feeling of g-spot stimulation.  But you’re in luck because the vast majority of women experience incredible, distinctive g-spot orgasms!

Where Is MY G-Spot?

You know you have one now, but you’re still wondering, “Where is my g-spot?”  At the risk of sounding boring and medical, the female g-spot is located inside the vaginal cavity, between the base of the urethra (which rests above your vagina), and the anterior (or top) vaginal tissue.

G-Spot Diagram - Anatomical Vagina

While laying on your back, think of your body as a delicious cake!  The very top layer of the cake is your lower tummy and pelvic bone.  The next layer of frosting is your urethra and bladder.

Then you have a layer of spongy tissue which contains the paraurethral AKA Skene’s Glands (remember this, it’s important), followed by another frosting layer of the vaginal tunnel and cervix.

Your final, bottom layer of cake would be the tissue between the base of your vaginal tunnel and the top of your rectal tunnel.  You can learn more about female reproductive anatomy here.

Three layers of savory cake with a secret worth celebrating in the middle!  The paraurethral or Skene’s Glands are, in essence, your g-spot!  The name may be deceiving because it is more of an “area” than a distinct “spot,” but now when you wonder, “where is my g-spot,” you can say to yourself, anatomically, “it’s right here!”

How Do I Find Mine?

By now you know the basic anatomical makeup of the female genitalia, and your excitement is growing!  To find your own, personal, one-of-a-kind g-spot, you must be willing to penetrate your vagina.  The g-spot is an internal area of glands within spongy tissues, so, you will need to internally stimulate it.  The fun part is, your g-spot doesn’t care what you use to achieve this pleasure.  You can use your fingers, your man, a curved toy, whichever!  “Where is my g-spot?” you ask?  Let’s explore!

To find your g-spot, start with one finger and penetrate into your vaginal tunnel.  Turn your palm upwards, and gently feel on your vagina’s front wall, towards your pubic bone.  Since the female g-spot is located around the urethra, and the urethra is placed at the front and on top of your vaginal tunnel, many experts explain that only about two inches of penetration are necessary.

If you pull your finger up and toward the front of your body, you should feel the change in the texture of your skin to a ruffled or bumpy area.  Curl your finger and press this area until you find where you are most sensitive to sensation, and there you have it!  You have found your g-spot!


If you are experiencing difficulty in finding your g-spot, don’t give up! The female g-spot is a fickle friend who may need some coaxing.  Since the Skene’s Glands swell with increased blood flow like the clitoris does during sex, you may want to search for your spot after a strong orgasm.  You will be more sensitive to touch, and the growth it experiences may help you find it a little easier!

If you have figured out how to find your g-spot but are having trouble stimulating yourself or reaching an intense g-spot orgasm, take a look at our other articles for some tips and tricks!