Have A G-Spot Orgasm

We will assume you have already figured out how to find your g-spot, and are ready to experience an unbelievable g-spot orgasm!  But, just in case you haven’t, feel free to take a look at our Where Is My G-Spot? and 10 Tips on Finding Your Gspot guides to help you locate it!

Now that you’ve got the goods, it’s time to get orgasmic.

We have thumbed through pages and pages of g-spot tips and techniques to present you with the best of the best.

Try one, or try them all, these recommendations are destined to help you reach g-spot orgasm potential!

G-Spot Orgasm Techniques

G-Spot Orgasm, Come Hither Finger, Find G-Spot

Come Hither – Remember that a curling finger can quickly become your best friend.  The “come hither,”palm-up motion is a great warm-up to your g-spot orgasm!

Tapping – Take the g-spot tip above, and use your, or your lover’s finger to “tap” your g-spot.  Remember that most g-spots require firm pressure, so get that rhythm right!

Hard Press – Bump up the pressure and feel the sensations!  If you’re close to climax and need something extra, try having your lover press a firm hand down on your pubic bone area (lower belly, where your pubic hair begins) while they press upward on your g-spot. Pressure = pleasure!  Fair warning – this may not be ideal for sensitive ladies!

Double Up – Since the paraurethral glands grow from roughly pea size to a whopping quarter size when aroused, you may want to take some time to tease your clit before trying for a g-spot orgasm.  It will make your g-spot easier to find, and more sensitive.  Combine both for an incredible, mind-blowing orgasm!

G-Spot Orgasm Position Suggestions

Butterfly, G-Spot Orgasm Position, Sexual Position, Line Drawing

Butterfly – A g-spot position you may have already experienced, this one is a twist on the classic Missionary position.  First, lay on your back and while your lover kneels between your thighs – like the Missionary.  Then, pull your legs upwards and either rest them on their chest, or place them on their shoulders.  This allows your hips to raise off the bed creating a deep, powerful penetration, and proper positioning for g-spot massage!

Cowgirl, G-Spot Orgasm Position, Sexual Position, Line Drawing

Cowgirl – It’s time to go for a ride!  In the cowgirl position your partner sits on the bed with their legs out in front of them.  You should straddle their hips and lower yourself on, while your knees rest on the bed.  We love this position because its added control factor and there’s a great view for your lover!

Doggy Style, G-Spot Orgasm Position, Sexual Position, Line DrawingDoggy Style – To get the most out of doing it doggy style, you want to position (and keep) yourself on all fours, while your lover enters you from behind.  Keeping your back slightly arched, and refrainingfrom laying your front on the bed will keep the pleasure pumping!  Plus, in this position he/she can pull up on your hips, and thrust downward, creating pressure and friction on the paraurethral gland (g-spot) area!


Do It Yourself – Many of the above g-spot position ideas can be mimicked when you’re playing solo!  Remember that they make toys specifically contoured to press against, vibrate, and massage your g-spot! Need some new toys? Check out our 6 Best G-Spot Toys guide for our expert recommendations!

G-Spot Orgasm Tips

You’re Not Peeing – The sensation of feeling like you need to pee is an indicator that you’re hitting the right spot!  It may sound strange, but with the paraurethral (Skene’s) glands and surrounding nerve endings in the tissue near your bladder, having the sensation that you need to pee is actually…Great!  You may want to empty your bladder before you play, just to eliminate that worry and allow yourself a deeper, more sensual experience.

Just So You Know – There’s a chance for female ejaculation during a g-spot orgasm.  Also called “squirting” or “gushing,” the ejaculation occurs when the paraurethral gland fills with female ejaculate containing prostatic fluid, similar to the formula that men create.  Through careful and perfected g-spot techniques, you may be able to squeeze the gland creating a gushing, wet, body-shaking female ejaculation.  But no worries!  Though you may soak some sheets, the ejaculation fluid, which comes from the urethra, does not contain any urine, and will not stain.

Pillow Party – When in doubt, use more pillows!  The idea is to propyour hips and spine upward so that your man, her strap-on, or your toy will have a better angle to please you.  The goal is to have your penetrator stroking upwards along the top of your vaginal tunnel, rubbing on your g-spot!

And there you have it, an expert-level list of g-spot position ideas, g-spot techniques for achieving maximum pleasure, and tips for added satisfaction during your next (or first) g-spot orgasm!  Enjoy yourself!