10 Tips on Finding Your Gspot

So you’re interested in learning how to find gspot pleasure, and where do you begin?  By finding the gspot in the first place!  We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you reach your ultimate sexual potential by locating this very special spot!


1. Learn Your Anatomy



You know that your leg bone is connected to your thigh bone, but did you know that the anatomical female gspot is not a pinpointed area?

This stirring site is located in the soft, spongy tissue between your urethra (how you pee) and your anterior vaginal wall (the top of your vagina, inside).

You cannot directly touch your gspot, but when aroused, it fills with fluid and swells making it more sensitive to stimulation!


2. Fresh and Clean



Finding and satisfying your gspot requires direct, firm pressure and massage within your vagina, so you should always have soft, clean nails! Buff those babies smooth!

If your partner is helping, make sure he/she washes his hands too!

Wash your vagina before looking for your g-spot to reduce the risk of introducing foreign bacteria from the outside.


 3.  Prepare to Penetrate

The female gspot is set within tissue inside your vaginal tunnel, so unlike with your clit, you won’t be licking or sucking it. This particular brand of pleasure requires penetration and pressure!


4.  Get Frisky

The glands associated with the coveted gspot orgasm become flush with blood and fills with prostatic fluid when aroused, making it easier to find!  If you can’t find it right away, give yourself an orgasm, and try again!


5. Come Hither



With the female gspot located in the upper, frontal region of your vagina, you should get comfortable with the “come hither” finger curl.

It is one of the best ways to seek, find, and pleasure yourself!

6. Proper Positioning



Lay on your back, prop your hips up, and spread your legs as if you were visiting your gynecologist.

With your palm facing upwards, insert your pointer or middle finger, and get your come hither motion ready!


7.  Become One With Your Body

Familiarize yourself with the texture along your vaginal walls.  The smooth, velvety texture of your vagina changes to a bumpy, almost ruffled, rougher texture when you are near (or on) your g-spot.

You’re excited and you want to feel something, but relax, take a breath, and really become familiar with your unique anatomy.  Discovering how to find gspot stimulation takes a little effort, so be aware of the sensations you receive when applying pressure to the areas around your gspot!


8.  Use Your LoverCouple In Bed Covered In Rose Petals, Laughing

If you have trouble with the palm-up come hither finger action, ask your partner to assist.

Prop up with lots of pillows and repeat all the tips until you feel new sensations!

9.  Go Go Gadget Orgasmic

If you prefer Do It Yourself (DIY) satisfaction, pull up a toy with a curving shaft or tip that will help you find your gspot.  Continue the motion until you give yourself an earth shattering, toe-curling gspot orgasm!


10.  Get your free G-Spot Vibrator!

Get a FREE g-spot vibrator! Simply pay for shipping.

This compact vibrator has the perfect shape to reach your g-spot every time! The vibrations are concentrated toward the tip, providing you with pinpoint vibration on your gspot.